Coronavirus Update

Updated May 21, 1:00pm

This page will be updated as the situation changes. Please check back regularly.

Supply Update


The demand for Personal Protective Equipment has subsided and pricing has largely returned to normal. Lucentt has good stock levels of all basic PPE – face masks, hand sanitiser, coveralls and eye protection. However, there is still a shortage of Iso gowns and N95 masks which is causing pressure on the pricing. We have refused to buy N95 masks from some ‘Popup’ suppliers because the gouging nature of their pricing – and we would rather support our long-standing suppliers.

The courier system continues to be overloaded and we expect delays with delivery will be experienced for some time. We can still offer overnight service for essential items but please give us plenty of notice for this service

Some better news is that we are fully stocked with Champion Embalming fluid with a new shipment just in. Also, a reminder that all our hardware and coffin interiors are made in New Zealand and we continue to have good stock levels of raw materials to manufacture/supply these.

The Lucentt team wish to say Thank you to Gary Taylor and the FDANZ team – David, Linda and Sarah. I’m sure you will agree the increase in numbers that are able to attend a funeral is a great step forward. No doubt this has taken an incredible amount of time and effort by Gary in particular but the FDANZ team also… so thank you, Gary.

As we move into new territory with funerals and an increase in memorial services I would invite you to consider how the Essence of Ceremony may help with your business.

We encourage you to contact us for updates should you have any queries.

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