Mavis is a world first embalming app - Mortuary Added Value Information System.

Mavis will operate on android or apple devices and it is available for download via google play or the apple app store.

Mavis is:

  •  A detailed embalming reporting system
  •  A fluid chemical calculator and management tool

Mavis allows the embalmer to record:

  •  The embalm
  •  The body condition
  •  Chemical fluid dilutions
  •  Types of fluids used and the quantities
  •  The techniques employed and cavity treatment
  •  Also notes for various conditions

Mavis will also provide:

  • Handy hints and tips based on data entered
  • Confirmation of chemical fluid dilutions or at least give the user the ability to investigate other chemicals or percentages.

 At the end of the embalm the user can email a four page report to be stored along with other case information.

 Mavis can provide management information as well, such as:

  • Managing your stock
  • Easily tracking chemicals
  • Provide management reports about chemical used during a certain period
  • Setup alerts for low stock levels
  • Give the user the ability to reorder if required.

For more information or a demonstration please contact the lucent team.